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Nardini Grappa!




Nardini Grappa Australia

Nardini represents the classic Italian spirit at its very best. Fine grappa complements bitter chocolate and espresso coffee like no other spirit. Surprisingly adaptable, a high alcohol content (many at 50% by volume) a stylish alternative to vodka, gin and other white spirits in some of the best-known cocktail recipes. And as a chilled shot, it’s quite superb. Nardini is the only grappa brand to be name-checked in Schumann’s ‘American Bar’.

I Love Grappa –  the Nardini Grappa blog is a user friendly site that reveals the company’s commitment to the fine art of distillation and to the finer points of contemporary culture. Find out about the company’s links with avant garde urban art, architecture, traditional distillation practices and sensory history.

Nardini cocktail’s represent a ‘culture of drinking’ , where balanced flavours underline subtleties of taste. A list of fantastic creations available in an easy to select recipe finder.

Euro Concepts Sydney is your supplier and distributor for Nardini Australia I love Grappa. Contact us today for more information on the product range.

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Nardini Grappa Bianca
Nardini Ruta Grappa
Nardini Tagliatella Liqueur
Nardini Acqua di Cedro Liqueur
Nardini Grappa Reserve 15YO
Nardini Grappa Reserve 5YO
Nardini Amaro
Nardini Mezzomezzo
Nardini Rabarbaro