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Zimor Bio Vegan

Zimor Bio Vegan Wines

Zimor Bio produces outstanding quality and award winning wines.

Zimor Bio have created an inspirational collection of certified Vegan wines, Organic and Biological wines.

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Cantina Santa Maria La Palma

Cantina Santa Maria La Palma

Seven hundred hectares, located in what is widely regarded as one of the finest  wine growing areas in Sardinia; here, the rolling hills and endless plains facing out to sea are home to the vineyards of the Santa Maria La Palma winery, in a part of the island that boasts enviable paedo-climatic conditions. Perfect for the making of Sardinian wines.

It is a story that speaks of the ability to trust one another, and of the desire to build something great, without forgetting how much beauty and how much value are hidden away in what surrounds us: endless plains facing out to sea, sheltered by a cove between the Gulf of Alghero and the Bay of Porto Conte. These are fortunate lands, caressed by the wind and kissed by the sun. It is a story that speaks of the precious lessons learned through daily toil. This story, our story, starts very long ago and lasts all the way to today.

It all began in 1946, in the Nurra area, which had been reclaimed and given to the farm workers following the Agrarian Reform that was implemented in Sardinia in the immediate post-war period. The locals were blessed with skilled, courageous hands that had the capacity to capture the soul of a part of the island that seems to have been designed for wine making. And so, in 1959, one hundred of them decided to enter into a co-operative and to found the Cantina Santa Maria la Palma (Santa Maria la Palma Winery).

Today, past and future are being combined seamlessly through the new technologies deployed in every project put together by the Winery, which can leverage a tradition that has always married innovation to love for the local soil.

700 hectares of land on the estate are under vine, giving rise to a wealth of highly nuanced Sardinian wines, all made with the same passion and dedication as always, while also taking advantage of everything that state-of-the-art technology has to offer.

The dedication to quality is the thread that runs throughout our history: selecting methods and techniques to produce the finest grapes, enhancing and protecting the soil – all with a view to exceeding our consumers’ expectations and to being worthy inheritors of this noble tradition that we are carrying forward.

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Tenuta Sant’Anna

Tenuta SantAnna

The Tenuta Sant’Anna Estate was founded in the 60’s in the heart of the Lison Pramaggiore DOC region, where the clay soils of this area were since Roman times dedicated to viticulture, and so throughout the Middle Ages, during which these lands provided wine for the Republic of Venice at the height of its splendour.


Tenuta Sant’Anna has been an active pioneer in viticulture since its very first grape harvests. At a time when wine was on the whole consumed daily, Tenuta Sant’Anna gave it greater significance, producing wines from single vine varieties and exalting the characteristics of each grape, opening new horizons for wine lovers and helping to create a worldwide image for Italian wine.

Adding control and management of the supply chain, from our vineyard to your glass, through the bottling phase, ensures the authenticity and freshness that for years have proudly distinguished our Sparkling and Still Wines.


The company philosophy is to offer wines of great pleasure and easy to match to the great Italian dishes.

It has always favoured the exaltation of the varietal that can enhance the noblest characteristics of each wine.

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Paolo Cottini

The Paolo Cottini vineyards are located in two areas of the Valpolicella, in the Negrar valley facing south-west, at an altitude of about 580 metres, and in Valgatara at an altitude of about 250 metres facing south-east. He explains that the different topography and altitude produces grapes with distinctive characters which he combines in various proportions “to give life to our wines.”

Paolo’s winery is new, but he is the third generation of winemakers, his father Silvano passing on his knowledge. Grapes grown are the typical triumverate of this region: Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella, and he produces four classic appellations: Soave (not tasted) and the red wines Valpolicella Classico, Valpolicella Ripasso and Amarone. It’s a neat summary of Valpolicella: at the top of the Pyramid is Amarone, famously made from air-dried grapes as a rich and powerful red wine of 15.5% alcohol or more. At the base is Valpolicella, made from freshly picked grapes and, in the middle, comes Valpolicella Ripasso: the wine fermented from fresh grapes but on a deep layer of dried skins from the fermented Amarone grapes.

For more information and availability please call 1300 104 060 or send an enquiry via email.


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Torre Rosazza

The territory of Torre Rosazza is right inside the privileged Colli Orientali of Friuli Micro-zone, which is recongised today by the name Rosazzo.

Friuli is the region for Italian white wines and the ‘Colli di Rosazzo’ (hills of Rosazzo) represent one of the most appreciated Friulan area because the microclimate makes it possible to obtain a high level of quality.

Capable of creating exciting wines and providing an interesting glimpse of the territory and the enological culture of Friuli, the wines of Torre Rosazza spotlight the territory and its traditions with technical know-how and experience. The company prides itself on being authentic ‘artisans of taste’. Our enologists give every wine its own distinct personality. Each phase of the productive process is inspected and its initial phase arises from a ten-year collaboration where experts select the clones that are the most typical and suitable for creating great wines.

Since its first contacts with viticulture, the Rosazzo area has upheld a particularly strong wine-producing mission and its love of wine has been passed down throughout the centuries.


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Castelli del Grevepesa

Castelli del Grevepesa is a Wine Co-operative established in 1965 by a small group of winegrowers in Tuscany. With the intention to bring together a group of people from different areas of the Chianti Classico region whose common purpose was to preserve the centuries old traditions of the Tuscan viticulture. Since its foundation they have concentrated on producing high quality wines by carefully selecting the grapes and by complying with the strict regulations of the Law and the Consorzio “Gallo Nero” (Black Rooster).

Today the co-operative has grown to over 120 members whose estates are in the Chianti Classico Area.

There wines have been recognised in the Mundus Vini Awards year on year receiving Gold and Silver for many of their Chianti Classico varieties.

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Damilano Barolo

Damilano Wine Company is one of the oldest wineries in Barolo with historic traditions.

The Damilano family business dates back to 1890 when Giuseppe Borgogno, the great grandfather of the winery’s current owners, began to vinify his own estate wines.  The town of Barolo resides in the generous and beautiful Langhe region, and its name was taken on by the “king of wines”.

It is with great passion that Giacomo Damilano, the founder’s son-in-law, developed with his children a love for the vineyards, selecting and maintaining them with great care in order to improve the quality of the wines.  Over time, the winery’s production was transformed into a jewel that was passed down with pride in 1997 to Giacomo’s grandchildren, who continue to manage the winery today.

Paolo, Mario and Guido Damilano, the fourth generation, have brought new vigor to the family business, strengthening and developing the fruit which this extraordinary land has to offer.  Always looking forward, they continually seek innovations to further refine Damilano’s production.

The secret to high quality is found in the grapes destined to become Damilano wines.  The grapes are cultivated in 53 hectares of prestigious and select vineyards that the company looks after with the same attention and respect as the winery’s founders, as well as the skills of modern winemaking in order to pursue the highest quality.  Damilano’s Nebbiolo production culminates in the great cru wines:  Cannubi, Liste, Brunate and Cerequio.

The cru wines Cannubi, Brunate, Cerequio and Liste have distinct expressions that showcase the differences in terroir, ranging from the innate elegance of Cannubi and Brunate to the more decisive and structured character of Cerequio and Liste.

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GIULIANO BORTOLOMIOL – The founder of Bortolomiol. The master in applying the Charmat method first made Prosecco Brut sensing that it would become a very popular sparkling wine all over the world. Today, it is that same inquisitive spirit which drives his daughters Maria Elena, Elvira, Luisa and Giuliana. They seek technological innovation, the highest quality starting from meticulous inspection of the grapes and attach great importance to communication.

The company is currently run by Giuliano’s four daughters and her mother Ottavia. This generational change has brought with it a new managerial vision, but without altering the principles of family tradition: first and foremost product quality and promotion of the area. The company’s future is expansion. Not meaning just targeting interesting markets to be launched on, aware and proud of the distinctive designation. But also an authentic company commitment towards projects of an environmental and humanitarian nature. Alongside the women of Bortolomiol, Gianfranco Zanon is another pillar of the company. An oenologist who pours passion into interpreting and fulfilling the company’s mission.

Bortolomiol is dedicated to uniting their commitment to honouring this important part of local history with a project for sustainable agriculture which will safeguard the rural heritage of the area for the future. This responsibility for their land and territories is exactly the reason why Bortolomiol has started its project for organic, sustainable and low-impact cultivation.

The Tradizionali Collection

TRADIZIONALI_ENThe Tradizionali Collection began with the selection of some prime areas of land in the Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG region, followed by a close collaboration with the growers to produce a grape of extraordinary quality, and culminating in the genesis of these four premium wines. The collection offers a range of historic sparkling wines in the Brut, Extra Dry, Dry and Demi Sec categories.

The Tradizionali Collection embodies the very essence of the sustainability philosophy that Bortolomiol has been championing for years.

The colour schemes of the new bottles are inspired by nature, the four seasons and the Italian countryside’s characteristic hues. They are shades redolent of the sensations and scents of Italy’s lands and hills, seas and skies, refreshed and redesigned to make them even more unique and iconic.

Today Prosecco is no longer the name of a grape variety but has become a dedicated area. And the variety has been given its original name: “glera”.

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Diferente is an attitude: everybody can enjoy it. The brand is opening up a world of possibilities, giving everyone a chance to enjoy all the flavour of a glass of champagne or a crisp, refreshing cocktail, with none of the alcohol and calories.

Diferente is the exclusive alcohol-free alternative to premium Champagne, Gin and Vodka for social drinkers, offering the same experience as the most iconic products – to enjoy either straight-up, “on-the-rocks” or blended in cocktails – with no restrictions and no drawbacks.

Diferente has the same taste, smell and look of the real thing, but none of the negative effects. It is a safe, tasty alternative that meets the ingredient requirements of both the US Food and Drug Administration and the European Economic Community.

Diferente is for anybody who prefers not to indulge or cannot drink alcohol, and for temporary teetotalers, such as pregnant women, drivers and young people under the legal age for drinking, sports professionals and people on medication. It is suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets.

Diferente is created by distilling the finest essence of premium drinks, which are ‘rebuilt’ thanks to a patent-pending production method, involving the complementary know-how of herbalists, chemists, oenologists and the suppliers of the finest ingredients, to produce an unsweetened, gloriously-flavored drink worthy of the finest tables and occasions.

Diferente’s revolutionary molecular structure is able to activate brain receptors and sensory neurotransmitters just like real Champagne, Gin and Vodka, with no drawbacks and no side effects.

Aromatic Sparkling Cuvee            



 Genever Dry Blend              



 Crystal Clear Alpha Spirit


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Nicolis Valpolicella

Since 1952 the Nicolis family committed to producing world class wines in the heart of the classic zone in San Pietro in Cariano. The Valpolicella countryside embraces a wealth of small valleys, whose gentle hill-slopes are caressed by a mild climate.

Award Winning Wines:

Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOC awards:

I Vini di Veronelli 2015 – Super 3 Stelle                                      Tasted Journel 2013 – 89.5 points

Wein Plus – 87 points                                                                      Wine Spectator – 90 points

Bibenda – 4 out of 5 grapes

History and Family

The history of our family has always been intimately bound to the art of winegrowing. Here in San Pietro in Cariano, we are in the heart of the classic zone, and caring for our own land here has always been an important part of our daily life, right from childhood. This sensitivity has been passed onto us by our father Angelo, who transformed his passion for his land into a consummate skill for making wine. Since 1951, we have committed all of our efforts to producing world-class wines, weaving our own personal goals into the precious fabric of Valpolicella’s history and distinctive character. The Nicolis name sums up the history of an entire family. Each member has a mission that revolves around the earth and wine. Giancarlo focuses painstaking attention on the vineyards, while Giuseppe ensures that the winemaking is expert and natural.

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Tenute Girolamo

Tenute Girolamo  is at the heart of the Itria Valley, testament to the great love of one family for its land. The first vines were planted in about 2001 and work was completed  in 2006. The dedication and boundless energy, of the Girolamo family now reveal themselves in  the ‘50 hectare of vineyard in which there are the finest indigenous Pugliese grapes as well as renowned  grapes from around the world.

We combine research into modern approaches with traditional methods in all our choices and selections.

In this way we are able to bring you elegant wines, sought after and appreciated the world over. In every bottle, drop by drop, you appreciate the tireless devotion of the Girolamo family. The future will be a continuing quest for perfection, combining innovation with experience and  our unstoppable passion with nature.



Mundus Vini | The Grand International Wine Award  :  Conte Giangirolamo Rosso IGP  –  Silver 2015

Mundus Vini | The Grand International Wine Award  :  Monte dei Cocci Negroamaro IGP  –  Silver 2015

Decanter | World Wine Awards  :  Conte Giangirolamo Rosso IGP  –  Bronze 2015

Decanter | Asia Wine Awards  :  Conte Giangirolamo Rosso IGP  –  Silver 2014

Decanter | Asia Wine Awards  : Monte dei Cocci Negroamaro IGP  –  Commended Medal 2014

International Grand Prix MUNDUS VINI 2014 Summer Tasting : Monte dei Cocci Negroamaro IGP – 84 points

International Grand Prix MUNDUS VINI 2014 Summer Tasting : Conte Giangirolamo Rosso IGP – 80 points

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The Majolini Winery rises in the district of Ome, in the heart of Franciacorta. Franciacorta, coincides with the name of the area in which it is produced. Franciacorta is the product of the grapes that exclusively come from a unique terroir with a limited geographical area.

The Majolini family has been associated with wine in Franciacorta since the fifteenth century. In fact, a native red grape variety called “Majolina” still today is witness to this historical past. In 1981, the descendants of the family set up the existing farm and restored the ancient vineyards on the hills of Ome and the surrounding municipalities. This North-eastern area of Franciacorta is made up of layers of pure white limestone (known as ‘medolo’), which can give minerals and structure to the Franciacorta wines produced here. The winery was built on the high hilly area of Valle in Ome, in a very panoramic location. It was modeled on the architecture of old farm-houses of the area and built with local stone – “medolo” – so as to fit harmoniously into a landscape of great beauty. So it is in this soil, climate and harmony with nature that the Majolini create their wines, the fruit of skillful care within a production cycle that has continued in line with their great love of the land and its traditions.

From 1981 to today the goal has been to increase the potential of the vineyards, protect and increase the value of the territory, and optimise the productive procedures.

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V8+ Vineyards

V8 + Vineyards
8 is the symbol of infinity
8 represents tenacious
8 is the number of minutes it takes light from the sun to reach the Earth and the vines and grapes of the V8+ vineyards.
The + sign – is the care, attention and love put into creating the wines.
V8+ Vineyards range include:
V2_Prosecco_DOP_Millesimato_2009_Spumante_Dry_Sior_Gino_Vineyards_V8_ V2_Prosecco_DOP_Spumante_Extra_Dry_Sior_Bepi_Vineyards_V8_
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Borgo Magredo Winery

Borgo Magredo Winery – Foreseeing Tomorrow!

With the care of an artisan who chooses amidst his pattern book of fabrics, we walk along the rows of our 200-hectare vineyard in the Grave del Friuli, to test the quality of every single grape variety. In our cellars – with the passion of a tailor – we create wines capable of valorizing the wine-making traditions of Friuli, interpreting them with our gaze turned toward the future. For over forty years, this has been the signature style that guides Borgo Magredo while it transforms the most classic “cloth” to create wines with a modern cut.

To achieve the perfect combination of century-old enological culture and the contemporary drinking style. Made from grapes typical of the Friuli wine-making culture, these classic wines from the territory have a cutting-edge modern style, fashioned with dedication and detailed craftsmanship. The cellar of Borgo Magredo Winery is equipped with the most refined technologies for winemaking and refining. This includes steel vats for maintaining desired temperatures during the wine-making phase, pneumatic presses for the grapes’ soft squeezing process and everything necessary for guaranteeing excellent production.

A project that embraces both the past and the future, this style joins ancient flavors with contemporary tastes, so that once again…capable of anticipating tomorrow!

Borgo Magredo Winery – Range Now Available

Pinot_Grigio_Borgo_Magredo_Vini_Friuli_Grave_DOC_Etichetta_Wine_Label Pinot_Nero_Borgo_Magredo_Vini_Friuli_Grave_DOC_Etichetta_Label Refosco_Ped_Rosso_Borgo_Magredo_Vini_Friuli_Grave_DOC_Etichetta_Wine_Label

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FRITZ  1878    “Fritz“, the man who planted the vineyard in 1878 – Fritz Kupelwieser. His dedication and commitment smoothed the way for later developments, and so also for the new brand. The wine serves as a reminder of his person and the achievements of the vineyard Kupelwieser. “Fritz“ also stands for freshness and liveliness, two typical characteristics of the wine. Only carefully selected grapes from Alto Adige traditionally produced under strict quality standards are used for this wine.

“Fritz“ reflects Kupelwieser’s innovative approach: the elegant and stylish design of the bottles highlights the appealing and modern quality of the distinguished wine. The key feature of our approach is value: it builds confidence, today as back then!

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Blo Nardini Distilleria…  One of the oldest grappa distilleries in Italy, operating for over 230 years; the Nardini mission is ‘Innovation in the name of tradition’, affirmed leader in the market of quality grappa made in Italy. Nardini is part of two prestigious associations that aim to preserve and enhance the cultural value of historical companies and the families who run them.

Nardini Family’s unrivalled distilling expertise amassed over two centuries, a company which has been able to maintain its great tradition along with the most advanced manufacturing technologies. Its rigorous quality control – from local vine to bottle – ensures Nardini grappas are not only excellent, but completely consistent, year after year.


I Love Grappa –  the Nardini Grappa blog is a user friendly site that reveals the company’s commitment to the fine art of distillation and to the finer points of contemporary culture. Find out about the company’s links with avant garde urban art, architecture, traditional distillation practices and sensory history.

Nardini represents the classic Italian spirit at its very best. Fine grappa complements bitter chocolate and espresso coffee like no other spirit. Surprisingly adaptable, a high alcohol content (many at 50% by volume) a stylish alternative to vodka, gin and other white spirits in some of the best-known cocktail recipes. And as a chilled shot, it’s quite superb. Nardini is the only grappa brand to be name-checked in Schumann’s ‘American Bar’.

Grappa Handbook –  an authoritative‚ illustrated guide to Italy’s classic spirit is written and published by Marcin Miller‚ a spirits sensation seeker with 17 years experience in the drinks industry.

The 132 page book was created to underscore grappa’s accessibility, as well as discussing the spirit’s history‚ distillation methods and offering food-matching ideas. The handbook features over 30 cocktail recipes‚ led with a foreword from the ‘King of Cocktails’ himself‚ New Yorker‚ Dale DeGroff.

Is there still someone out there who thinks grappa is only served straight? The Grappa Handbook is proof that this spirit is surprisingly adaptable as an ingredient in cooking and in fast-forward cocktails.



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Bredasole Franciacorta

On the last north western location of the Bredasole Franciacorta overlooks the lake Sebino. The vineyard is tended with respect the environment, keeping with the ancient traditions of their forefathers. The vineyards are cultivated in accordance of the Franciacorta code which guarantees and controls the designation of origin – D.O.C.G.


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Il Colle Prosecco

Il Colle Prosecco

Il Colle Prosecco sparkling Italian wine.

The Ceschin family founded Il Colle in 1978 in San Pietro di Feletto, immersed in the green hills of the province of Treviso. They have been producing, pressing, bottling and marketing ‘Conegliano-Valdobbiadene-doc’ for 30 years.

All the wine bottled by “Il Colle” comes from hand harvested grapes that are produced in the vineyards of the area. All the vegetative stages of our vineyards are scrupulously monitored by our qualified technicians, from pruning to harvesting.

Il Colle Prosecco – Because of the geographical location, almost all the production is focused on ‘Prosecco’. The hand harvested grapes are cultivated, selected, vinificated and bottles with care and passion so as to create a complete line of sparkling, white and red wines.


The company “Il Colle” have distinguished themselves for their entrepreneurial seriousness and the top quality level of the wine produced. All the vegetative stages in the vineyards, from pruning to grape harvesting, are closely followed by the company’s own technicians, thus guaranteeing as always a wholesome and healthy product that has excellent, top-quality characteristics. Not an industrial product, but the result of extraordinary passion!


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Provenza Winery

In perfect harmony with the surrounding territory, Azienda Agricola Provenza, founded in the 1960’s, conveys a message of quality, dedication and passion for wine. Provenza winery is in the heart of the Lugana territory, the Contato family produce traditional wine characterised by sophistication and natural balance.

The contributing benefits of the mild lake climate of Lake Garda, the land of Lugana wines have become the ideal location for the cultivation of an autochthonous monovine of unique quality that gives the palate a delicate tasting white wine of an unmistakable freshness, a wine that is a genuine expression of its territory of origin.

Integrity, professionalism and taking care of the whole production chain, from the vineyard to bottling, are the “ingredients” that have helped the company awareness grow and receiving multiple awards including 3 Glasses in the Gambero Rosso Guide Publisher for the Fabio Contato selection Lugana.


Provenza Winery

Ca Maiol Vineyard









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Poggio Ridente

Poggio Ridente – ‘the Smiling Hill’ is the name of the vineyard on which thrive the vines Barbera, Albarossa and Bonarda. Located on the summit, 491 meters above sea level and because of its particular climatic conditions it is called the “Riviera del Monferrato”.

Striving to maintain the sustainable advantage of value, the Poggio Ridente winery found it necessary to move forward to conserve the environment and its natural defence inspired by the vineyards.  More than seven years ago, the winery initiated the biological management of the vineyard and the cellar. Certified by ICEA (Environment and Ethical Certification Institute), Poggio Ridente produces grapes that are grown independent of chemicals and certified organic.

In all, the company has 20 hectares of which 9 hectares are vineyards, surrounded by woods and hedges, all over 450 meters above sea level.  This biological chain of events lends us towards a horizon even more fascinating, which is our quest to be transformed into a biodynamic farm.

“In discussions between Luigi, our agronomist and I, we talk about how our family and company can intervene in the vineyard and winery.  I look to my father, who has always upheld past traditions, and I am convinced that today the future is to seize that part of the past that, today has become so innovative. The use of traditional methods then, that are very similar to biodynamics, is an opportunity for this small company to offer an alternative from the bigger wine producers, and allows us to create a charming wine that is the direct expression of the earth from where it was born”.

Organic wine” means that in the country, for the defense and nutrition of plants,  only substances found in nature are used,  or albeit those obtained by simple manmade processes. No chemical processing or genetic manipulation,  no OGMs, synthetic chemical fertilizers or pesticides, but above all only  “contact”,  that is, on the outside of the plant and above all the fruit that you will reap, not inside.

Organic grapes therefore benefit and enjoy a life cycle that is independent of chemicals.

Organic viticulture in Italy has been certified by appropriate bodies accredited by the Ministry of Agriculture.

The Azienda Agricola Poggio Ridente is certified by ICEA.




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Since 1934 and three generations of wine makers, the Dezzani families focus continues to be on four fundamental concepts: PASSION, TRADITION, QUALITY, INNOVATION. Backed by 5 quality certifications: BRC (British Retail Consortium), IFS (International Food Standard), ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EMAS. Making Dezzani one of the best certified wine companies in Italy. This quality-focused policy is hallmarked by superb results in Italy and international markets, as well as by prestigious awards given by leading Italian and International magazines.

A good wine is not only the outcome of passion and dedication to the vineyard, but is also the result of targeted technical innovation ensuring the wines reflect their origins. The personality of every wine is closely linked to its region, the climate, careful grape harvesting and the personal interpretation of the wine maker.

This year, celebrating 80 anni di vino buono – 80 years of good wines! Dezzani have released a commemorative wine in honour of this achievement. Marking the philosophy of the company – passion, tradition, quality and innovation through this spectacular Barbera d’Asti DOCG Superiore. A true symbol of Monferrato, this wine becomes the true sensorial experience.
















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In 1880, ancestor Francesco founded “Vinicola Rocca”,  and since has been the Rocca Family wine business. Today the company is led by Ernesto Rocca and his sons, they manage more than 80 hectares of prime land near the Ionian Coast, in Leverano in the heart of Salento. The land is an average blend of clayey-calcareous soil. The influence of the sea together with modern technologies and passion in management allow a constant production at an excellent level. An accurate selection of grapes before crushing, temperature controlled along all the vinification stages and a mindful care in the refinement guarantee Rocca wines’ quality and peculiarity. Producing wines from numerous grape varieties of DOCG, DOC & IGT quality.

The Company’s growth is based on the experience matured over four generations, the passion for producing outstanding wines, a consumer-oriented service and an excellent quality/price ratio.


Rocca Awards and Merits quattrog

Rocca Certifications









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